Construction waste recycling - WINNER GROUP help you crack the "garbage siege"

Author: Winner   Time: 2019-09-20

With the rapid development of urbanization, The types of urban waste become more and more. While enjoying the urban civilization, people are also suffering from the "garbage siege" and the "smog envelope". As an inevitable product of urban renewal, construction waste is a very large part of urban waste. Arbitrary disposal of construction waste will occupy the land, pollute the environment, directly or indirectly affect the air quality, and easily cause pollution of soil, water resources and other hidden dangers. The treatment of construction waste has become the primary task in promoting the construction of ecological civilization.

construction waste

WINNER knows that green development is the only way for the development of today’s society. It always takes “high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection and intelligence” as the research and development orientation, and innovates and develops high quality construction waste complete processing equipment and technical solutions. We have many benchmark performance around China. For example: Xiangtan Hunan, Pinghu Zhejiang, China Construction First Group Corporation Limited, Guangdong Xinruilong Ecology, Dalian Municipal Department, Chaoyang District, Beijing (model project), Shunyi Beijing, Songjiang Shanghai, Hongkou Shanghai, Wuxi Jiangsu, etc..
Resourceized construction waste could be used as a kind of city mineral resource, concrete, mortar, bricks in construction waste could be regenerated as aggregate, Micropowder and the like. The regenerated materials can be used for pavement base and cushion, concrete and its products, and various types of permeable and water-storing materials in the construction of sponge cities to realize resource utilization.
The road to green development is still very long, and the innovation of WINNER GROUP will not stop. The people in WINNER GROUP will always bear in mind the mission of “To be the first class screening expert, to return the world green”, Practice green development, crack the predicament of garbage siege, and help with beautiful world construction.


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