Classification and Characteristics of Mobile Crushing Station

Author: Winner Group   Time: 2017-12-18

Mobile crushing station is suitable for soft or medium hard and hard materials broken. It widely used in roads, railways, smelting, building materials and other industries, especially for the engineering operations of mobile stone.


mobile crushing station


According to the different production process, it can be divided into tire-type and crawler-type mobile crushing station. Tire-type crushing station is a kind of new products which developed in accordance with market conditions and customer specific needs and could facilitate the construction garbage broken. The crushing station is adaptability with flexible combination, and there are a variety of configurations, customers can choose different configurations according to their own needs. According to the actual processing requirements to combine the screening and crushing process, it not only could "first break after the screen" or "first screen after the break", but also can be broken and sieved separately, the specific circumstances in accordance with the actual situation of customers on the spot. Crushing station can be combined to coarse and fine broken at both ends of the crushing and screening system according to the actual needs, can also be combined into coarse, medium and fine broken sieving system. 


Crawler-type mobile crushing station, which is earlier placed in the Chinese market than the tire-type moving crushing station, represented by the coarse broken mobile station, and the broken technology and quality is more advanced. The equipment each module has a wealth of options, so it can be customized according to the customer's special requirements. It is so popular with high reliability, short assembly time and safe maintenance, efficient and environmentally friendly in construction waste disposal and mining industry.


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