Break the tradition and achieve a new type of WFPS

Author: Winner   Time: 2021-12-10

Two 1580m³ blast furnaces in a steel plant in Inner Mongolia use WINNER multi-frequency screens. The unique design concept of the screen breaks the traditional overall vibration mode and reduces the weight of the vibration. The motor is only two-thirds of the traditional vibration screen. Lightening can reduce the impact on the building foundation, avoid resonance, and reduce the cost of infrastructure. The multiple frequency screen is rigidly connected from the feeding end and the blanking end to achieve static sealing. The required air volume is only one-third of the traditional screen, which can effectively control the dust overflow on site and avoid injury to on-site employees.

Traditional sieve adopts dynamic sealing, which has many air leakage points and cannot achieve static sealing, resulting in a large amount of waste of dust collection air volume, and the harsh on-site environment makes it impossible for people to enter the workshop. The multi-frequency sieve is used to streamline the air venting point, so that the dust on the spot is significantly reduced. In traditional screens, the screen body vibrates together with a large weight. During long-term operation, the exciter is heavily loaded, and the temperature is too high to be damaged frequently. The screen body is often cracked and the beam is damaged, resulting in high spare parts consumption. The multiple frequency sieve has only the sieve plate vibration, and the vibration weight is light. The operating temperature of the vibration exciter is generally around 55°C, and the oil consumption is low. The life of the screen body without vibration can reach 15 years without replacement. The sieve plate is easy to replace, and the sieve plate can be replaced by 4 people in 3 hours after replacing the sieve plate. Each lubrication point only needs to inject 50 grams of oil, once a week, which greatly reduces the consumption of lubricating oil. The equipment for the two blast furnace projects has now been installed and is waiting for commissioning.

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