Best choice screen for Sintering plant equipment modification

Author: Winner Group   Time: 2019-07-19

Why do customers favor Winner Dual frequency screen? Take a look at these data and you will understand!

1. Dual frequency screen is more energy efficient

The total power for the original three traditional elliptical equal-thickness screens (3000X9000) is 270KW, Winner Dual frequency screen WFPS-25125 and WFPS-2550 total power is 105KW, the power consumption is reduced by 61.1%, according to the industrial electricity per kWh Yuan, which can save electricity costs (270-105) * 24 hours * 365 days * 1 yuan / degree ≈ 1.45 million.

2. Dual frequency screen has larger effective screening area

The original elliptical equal-thickness sieve has a total sieve surface of 81 square meters, and the effective screening area is 16.2 square meters; the composite screen has a total sieve surface of 43.75 square meters, and the effective screening area is 17.5 square meters. Under the condition of reducing the screen surface specification, Dual frequency screen is effective. The screening area is larger.


Dual frequency screen


3. Dual frequency screen has higher screening efficiency

The original elliptical equal-thickness sieve has a screening efficiency of about 75%. The Dual frequency scree sieve plate uses a high-frequency tuning fork bar. The material vibrates with the sieve plate to generate secondary high-frequency resonance, which accelerates the advancement speed and accelerates. The sinking of the granular material on the sieve surface and the small particle material that has contacted the sieve surface traverse to the sieve hole, thereby increasing the probability of passing through the sieve hole, and the on-site measured screening efficiency is as high as 93.5%, which reduces the cost of returning to the mine.

4. Dual frequency scree is more environmentally friendly

The original elliptical equal-thickness sieve plate vibrates together with the sieve body, the sealing performance is poor, the dust pollution is serious, the dust-removing power consumption is high, the Dual frequency scree adopts the sieve plate vibration, the sieve body does not vibrate, the sealing property is good, the dust pollution is reduced, and the dust pollution is reduced.


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