Application of compound frequency screen-X in sand and gravel production line

Author: Winner   Time: 2021-09-17

Screening, which is very common in sand and gravel aggregate production lines, is classified according to the shape and size of different materials. Whether it is the pre-screening at the front end or the separation of the finished materials at the end, it can be said that it runs through from "beginning" to "end". Next, 

WINNER will introduce to you a kind of screening tool in the sand and gravel aggregate production line-the multi-frequency screen-X.

R & D background

With the introduction of the concept of green environmental protection, the sand and gravel aggregate industry has increasingly higher requirements for environmental protection, screening efficiency and energy saving in the production process. The traditional large-scale circular vibrating screen can no longer meet the production needs of customers. For this reason, Meng shares launched the multi-frequency sieve-X, which is mostly used for material grading of 0-150mm, with a grading particle size ranging from 3-80mm. The introduction of this product solves the problem of environmental protection, difficulty in dynamic sealing, large dust, and vibration weight of traditional circular vibrating screens. Problems such as large, large parts of the screen and heavy weight.

Multi-frequency sieve-X has the following advantages:

1. Due to the use of static sealing, all the entrances and exits of the equipment can be conveniently and rigidly sealed with other related equipment, so that the entire screening operation is carried out in a fully sealed state, which is more environmentally friendly.

2. The vibrating screen core adopts linear, circular vibration, linear + circular vibration compound vibration mode, and can select the appropriate vibration direction angle and screen surface inclination according to the material characteristics, so that the screening effect is better, the material is transported faster, and the processing capacity is greater. Big.

3. Each vibrating screen core is vibrated in sections, which can realize the free adjustment of high frequency and low amplitude and low frequency and high amplitude of each section of the screen surface, which changes the vibration mode of the traditional circular vibrating screen with the same vibration source, the same amplitude and the same frequency.

4. The equipment can be disassembled for larger pieces and reduced in size and weight. It is convenient to transport and can be assembled on site.

5. The equipment is equipped with a PLC control system, which can manually and remotely control the start and stop of the entire equipment. The PLC control cabinet is equipped with a touch screen to facilitate the setting and display of control system parameters, including the display of bearing temperature, and alarm for abnormal temperature. The equipment can be equipped with an automatic refueling system to reduce the labor intensity of workers and avoid accidents caused by man-made reasons.

With its advantages of intelligence, environmental protection, energy saving, and high efficiency, the compound frequency screen-X has been widely used in the sand and aggregate industry. Tianjin Cement Design Institute, Zhongnan Research Institute, Datang Environment Group, Huaxin Group, Zhonglian Cement , Gezhouba Group, Zhongyang Building Materials, BBMG Cement and many other customers adopt multiple frequency screen-X.

WINNER can add functional equipment to the multi-frequency screen-X to solve the problems in vibrating screening according to customer conditions, such as adding a distributing device at the feed end to solve the distributing problem. Add dust removal equipment, reduce pipeline layout, increase product purity, etc. to meet the different production needs of customers. For more details, please call the hotline: +8613373745380


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