Application of composite frequency screen in coking industry

Author: Winner   Time: 2020-08-07

In recent years, CDQ has become the mainstream trend in the coking industry. CDQ raises a lot of dust during the screening process, which not only pollutes the air, but also causes great harm to the human body. Winner Group is committed to the R&D and manufacturing of intelligent, high-efficiency, environmentally-friendly and energy-saving screening equipment, with the starting point of solving customer pain points.The environmental protection and energy-saving composite frequency screen developed and produced for the coking field can change the problem of dust.

The composite frequency screen has changed the structure of the traditional sieve. It adopts multi-section independent screen surface vibration without vibration of the screen body. The multi-section screen surface vibrates independently from the inlet to the discharge end, and the amplitude and frequency of each screen surface are adjustable. According to the different characteristics of the materials to be screened, corresponding adjustments can be made to achieve superior screening results.



composite frequency screen


Advantages of composite frequency screens:


1.Energy saving


The unique design concept breaks the overall vibration mode of the traditional vibrating screen and reduces the weight of the vibration. The motor power is only two-thirds of the traditional vibrating screen. Because the vibration weight is light, it can greatly reduce the impact on the building foundation, avoid resonance, and reduce the cost of infrastructure.


2. Reduced dust removal air volume


The traditional vibrating screen adopts dynamic sealing, and static sealing cannot be achieved with many air leakage points, resulting in a lot of waste of dust collection air volume and harsh on-site environment. The composite frequency screen adopts rigid connections from the feeding end to the discharging end and the blanking end to achieve static sealing, which can control on-site dust overflow and avoid injury to on-site employees.


3. High screening efficiency


The unique vibration mode and sieve plate structure of the composite frequency screen can realize a sieve with two amplitudes and a variable-frequency trajectory movement. According to the size of the material, it can match different sieves without blocking holes. It can achieve accurate classification, no roughness and screening efficiency It can reach more than 90%, and the screening efficiency of the sieve plate is 15% higher than that of the conventional sieve plate, which saves energy and reduces the time of material wear and equipment.


4. Low spare parts consumption


The traditional vibrating screen vibrates the screen plate and the screen body together, and the weight of the vibration is large. In the long-term operation, the exciter is heavily loaded, the temperature is too high and the damage is frequent, and the screen body is often cracked and damaged, resulting in high spare parts consumption. The composite frequency screen has only the screen plate vibration, the vibration weight is light, the operating temperature of the vibration exciter is generally about 65 degrees, the oil consumption is only one-tenth of the traditional vibrating screen, and the exciter and the screen body have a long service life.






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