Application of Plane Rotary Screen in PVC Granules

Author: Winner Group   Time: 2023-11-28

In addition to being effectiveness of screening large granular urea, the plane rotary screen is also suitable for screening in other chemical industries, such as the screening of PVC pellets.Ninety-nine percent of screening efficiency and larger screening area make it a popular choice for PVC granualars manufactures.


Plane Rotary Screen


Product Overview:

Plane rotary screen adopts up and down vibration, and there is an automatic cleaning device under the net. Compared with traditional linear vibrating screen, it improves the life of screen net, the moise is small and the screening area is larger, increase the screening efficiency from 93% to 99%. The equipment is widely used in the accurate grading and screening operations of metallurgy, mining, chemical, pharmaceutical, building materials, grain processing, refractory materials and other industries.


Structural Features:

The apparatus consists of a base and a screen body with elastic balls mounted on the screen surface. There are hangers at both ends of the base, and a driving device is installed above the base. A transmission box is arranged above the driving device, which can effectively realize the screening movement for simulating manual screening.


Performance Features:

1)Screen net cleaning effect is better, each layer of screen net is equipped with screen net blocking cleaning device, is not easy to block;

2)The processing capacity is large, and the powder content in the finished material is reduced, which is 10 times that of the ordinary vibrating screen;

3)The screen has high utilization rate, no vertical vibration and long service life;

4)The fully enclosed structure is free of dust pollution and improves the operator's working environment.



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