Frequency Screen in Coking Industry

Author: Winner Group   Time: 2023-07-21

With the promulgation of the new environmental protection law, enterprises and institutions that illegally discharge pollutants have been clearly stipulated, which greatly improves the cost of environmental illegality. The concept of energy saving and environmental protection has attracted the attention of coking enterprises, which also means that the metallurgical equipment industry attaches importance to energy saving and environmental protection market has become normal.

Winner Group has devoted itself to the research and development of high efficiency, environmental protection, energy saving and intelligent screening equipment. Take solving customer's pain as a starting point , Winner Group has introduced the environmental protection and energy saving coke dual frequency screening in the field of coking, which can better solve the problems of dust raising.

The dual frequency screen has changed the structure of the traditional vibrating screen, only the screen plate vibrates, the screen body does not vibrate, the static seal of the inlet and outlet, the outlet and the outlet is completely realized, the disadvantage of the dynamic seal of the traditional vibrating screen is changed, the environmental problems on the spot are solved, and the energy-saving and environmental protection effect is brought for the new construction and technical upgrading of the sintering plant, which is praised by the vast number of users.

Based on the concepts of environmental protection, efficient screening, energy saving and consumption reduction, Winner Group has adopted a unique working mode and achieved subversive results. Its technology and equipment level has surpassed similar products at home and abroad, pushing the theory and equipment of screening and sorting to a higher level, and contributing to the world's environmental protection.


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