Application and technical advantages of compound frequency screen-C raw material plant

Author: Winner   Time: 2021-07-29

WINNER uses a lump ore multi-frequency screen-C in a steel plant in Jiangxi. This screen type screen plate segmented vibrating screen box does not participate in vibration and can achieve static sealing. The vibration frequency of each section of the screen plate can be based on the on-site lump ore Characteristics, processing capacity, particle size composition, water content and other working conditions are different, the amplitude is freely adjusted between 10-20mm, so that the material can be separated from the mineral powder, and it has changed the traditional vibrating screen with the same vibration source, low amplitude and the same track. Vibration mode; the processing capacity can reach 1200T/H at the same time, and the screening efficiency can reach 90%.

With the increase in the utilization rate of lump ore, the choice of excellent penetrating screen effect and large-capacity lump ore screening equipment is a headache for many steel mills. At present, the dry screening of wet sticky lump ore is a difficult problem in domestic and foreign screening technology. Because wet sticky lumps stick to each other and form agglomerates, they are difficult to loose or adhere to the screen surface, which reduces the effective screening area, resulting in screening efficiency. decline. The lump ore is not loose, does not stratify, and moves as a whole, making the screening process difficult to complete. Therefore, the screening of wet sticky lump ore is a major issue to be solved urgently in the screening industry.

The traditional sieving theory believes that the sieving process is divided into three stages: loosening, stratification, and penetration. Looseness is the prerequisite for stratification, stratification is the condition for the completion of the screening process, and penetration is the purpose of screening. In the case of low water content and low ash content of the lump ore, since there is no cohesive force between the lump ore or between the lump ore and the screen or the cohesive force is small, the fluidity of the lump ore is good, as long as the lump The particle size of the ore is smaller than the size of the sieve hole, and there is a relative movement speed between the particles and the sieve, and the lump ore particles smaller than the sieve hole can penetrate the sieve. However, the screening process for wet sticky lump ore is completely different. The viscosity of the lump ore increases, making it difficult to loosen and stratify, and the fluidity of the lump ore deteriorates. At this time, it is necessary to have a large enough acceleration between the lump ore and the screen to make the lump ore loose and layered. However, acceleration alone is not enough, because the screening process of wet sticky lump ore requires space and time. The screen surface vibrates too fast and the lump ore cannot be thrown up, and ultimately cannot be screened. In addition, the particle penetration screen also takes time to complete. The large amplitude, large vibration intensity, and low vibration frequency of the lump multiple frequency screen-C just meet the characteristics of this screening process.

Theoretically, there is a limit to the bonding force between the lump ore and between the lump ore and the screen. When the exciting force generated by the screen surface is greater than the bonding force between the lump ore and the screen, the lump ore will be separated The screen makes the lump ore separate and activates each other, the screen will not be blocked, and the screening process can be carried out effectively. However, the smaller the particle and the greater the viscosity, the smaller the inertial force obtained. This makes it possible for small particles to obtain greater acceleration. In fact, particles that are too fine will not exist separately, they are always bonded. On the larger particles, they adhere to each other. The large amplitude and high vibration intensity are beneficial to cut off the cohesive force between the lump ore and force the lump ore to pass through the sieve forcefully.

Dry screening of wet sticky lump ore is a difficult problem in screening technology at home and abroad. WINNER will solve the pain points of screening and sorting for you, and help our customers go further and further on the road of development. If you have any needs, please call for consultation +86 13373745380!


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