Analysis of stacking problem of light powder vibrating screen

Author: Winner Group   Time: 2018-04-04

In the course of using the powder vibrating screen, there will be the phenomenon of material accumulation on the screen surface. There are four main reasons:


powder vibrating screen

1. Whether the screen mesh is not appropriate, the screen mesh is too small will cause the material through the net rate is low.
2. Check whether the ground of the vibrating screen is smooth or not, the height of the discharge port will affect the running track of the material, and it will easily cause the material to lean to one side.
3. Whether the screen and discharge port are horizontal or not, in general, should be level or higher than 6mm. According to different materials, the design height of the discharge port is also different.


light powder vibrating screen

4. Vibration motor angle adjustment is not appropriate, vibration motor angle adjustment can also cause material accumulation phenomenon. Need to adjust the angle of the upper and lower eccentric vibration of the vibration motor, the smaller the angle, the faster the material spreads out on the screen surface, and a larger angle will slow the material outward. In general, the angle of the motor is 45 °, and the user can adjust the vibration motor angle to 100 ° according to the special requirements of the screening process of the material. The material is concentrated in the center of the screen. According to the nature of various raw materials, in order to achieve the best effects, adjust the phase angle of the upper and lower heavy hammer of the powder vibrating screen motor, change the trajectory of raw materials, lengthen or shorten the time of the raw material on the screen. 


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