Adverse effects caused by uneven feeding of vibrating sieve

Author: Winner Group   Time: 2018-09-26

The vibrating screen is a fine powder screening equipment with high precision, low noise, high efficiency and fully enclosed structure. It is suitable for screening and filtering of particles, powders, mucilage and other materials, at the same time, the vibrating sieve have been widely used in food, chemical, metal, mining,etc. However, what bad effect do the uneven feeding of vibrating screen cause?


vibrating screen


1.Low screening efficiency:

If too much material is fed at one time, it will exceed the screening load that the sieve can bear, so that the material will be discharged from the outlet before it has time to be screened, resulting in excessive fine material discharged from the coarse outlet, which will greatly reduce the screening efficiency.


2.Affect production and screening accuracy:

When the feed is not uniform, there will be too many materials on one side of the screen surface and the other side of the screen surface, which reduces the utilization rate of the whole screen surface. On the other hand,due to the uneven feed, one side of the material accumulation is too thick, affecting the screening accuracy and production.


screening and filtering


3.Reduce the motor service life:

If a large amount of material is put into the production process of the vibrating screen for a long time, the load of the motor will increase, thus damaging the vibrating motor and reducing the service life of the motor.


4.The damage of screen mesh:

When vibrating screen is used, uneven feeding or too much one-time feeding will exceed the pressure of the screen and lead to damage of the screen.


To sum up, the uneven feeding in the process of vibrating screen will cause many serious consequences. These consequences will not only affect the normal production of the equipment, but also increase the maintenance cost of the equipment. Therefore, only in strict accordance with the operating standards of vibrating screen, uniform feeding, can we save time and manpower and improve production efficiency.


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