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Dewatering Vibrating Screen

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One of the products of separation operation in mineral processing, in which the lowest content of the target component is called tailings. In the current technical and economic conditions, it is not suitable for further separation. But with the development of science and technology of production, the useful target component may also have the economic value of further recycling. Tailings are not completely useless waste, often contain components for other purposes, can be used. It is necessary to make full use of mineral resources and protect the ecological environment.


Tailings application:

(1) we must first try to do a comprehensive recovery of the tailings resources utilization of useful components, the use of advanced technology and reasonable process for tailings re-election, to maximize the recovery of tailings the useful components, which can further reduce the number of tailings. Some mineral processing plants are developing towards tailings.

(2) Using the tailings as building materials: cement, silicate tailings bricks, aerated concrete, tile, stone, refractory material, glass, ceramic, concrete aggregate, microcrystalline glass, slag tiles, glass foam and foam materials.

(3) With the construction of roads, pavement materials, tailings, and other coastal farmland antiskid material.


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