Wet Sticky Coal Screening

Wet sticky coal screening problems:

The dry sieving of wet coal is the difficulty of researching sieving technology at home and abroad. Because the sticky wet coal materials are bonded to each other into a group, loose difficult, or adhere to the screen surface to plug the sieve. So that the effective screening area of the screen surface is reduced, which resulting the sieve efficiency is decreased. The material group is not loose, not layered and overall movement, so that the screening process is difficult to complete. Therefore, it is a major and urgent problem in solving the wet sticky coal screening.


How to solve sticky and blocking problem:

The high amplitude vibrating screen developed by Winner Vibrating Equipment Co.,Ltd. It is the use of large amplitude, large vibration intensity, low vibration frequency and a variety of self-cleaning screen surface to complete the wet coal screening process.


The traditional sieving theory holds that the sieving process is divided into three stages: loose, stratified, and sieved. Loose is the prerequisite for stratification. Stratification is the condition to complete the screening process, and the Sieved is the purpose of screening.


In the case of the coal water is low and the small dust, Due to the between of the coal and coal ,the coal and the screen is no cohesive force or adhesion is very small, the flow of raw coal is good. As long as the raw coal particles are smaller than the size of the sieve, there is a relative velocity between the particles and the screen, and the raw coal particles smaller than the sieve can be screened. However, the screening process for viscous wet coal is completely different. The viscosity of the coal is increased, so that the loose and the layered becomes difficult, and the flow ability of the raw coal is deteriorated. In this case, it is necessary to have a large enough speed between the raw coal and the screen to make the raw coal loose and layered. But only the acceleration is not enough, because the viscous wet coal screening process also needs space and time, the screen surface vibration is too fast, the coal can’t be thrown up, and can’t achieve the role of screening. In addition, the particle sieve also need time to complete, high-sieve large amplitude, large vibration frequency, low vibration frequency just to meet the screening process characteristics.


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