River Pebble Crushing Processing

The production of river pebbles:

The main chemical composition of the river pebbles is silica, followed by a small amount of iron oxide and trace amounts of manganese, copper, aluminum, magnesium and other elements and compounds.River pebble stone processing line is similar to the general stone production line, but in the grain size requirements are different, the customer can according to their own process requirements to self-regulation.

stone processing line


The common problem in the process of crushing the pebbles is that the spare parts are easy to wear, because the silicon content in the river pebbles is very high. River gravel high hardness, will cause jaw plate, plate hammer, counterattack plate and other wear parts caused by high wear and tear, and thus in the process design, we recommend the use of Winner Group's stone processing line, with wear-resistant pieces of low loss, good grain shape, yield, high efficiency and so on.


Step 1 River pebble coarse crushing: large river pebbles from the silo by the vibrating feeder even feeding, transported to the jaw crusher for coarse crushing, crushed materials through the vibrating screen screening, then into the impact crusher / cone crusher.


Step 2 River pebble medium fine crushing: the river pebble after the impact crusher / cone crusher, transported to the vibrating screen screening, meet the size requirements of the material into the final products warehouse, do not meet the size requirements of the river pebble back to the impact crusher / cone crusher crushing again.


Step 3 Packaging and transportation of finished products.

stone processing line


River pebble stone processing line according to different process requirements, various types of equipment to meet the different requirements of the customer process. Winner Group's river pebble crushing production line with a high degree of automation, high crushing rate, low operating costs, energy saving, fine particle size and so on. Winner Group can be based on specific production requirements, to provide you with a full range of process solutions and technical support to ensure that meet your needs.


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