Gold Ore Crushing & Processing

Gold ore characteristics: refers to the gold or gold compounds containing ore, can be refined into a high grade gold concentrate or gold ore, gold concentrate needs to be smelted commission, in order to become gold and gold products. 

Gold at room temperature is crystal, equiaxed crystal system, cubic crystal lattice, difficult to decompose. Hardness 2-3, with good ductility. Pure gold is yellow, and has good chemical corrosion. When it contains impurities, its color can change correspondingly. The natural gold is very rare, often with silver, copper, iron, palladium, bismuth, platinum, nickel, tellurium, selenium, osmium and other elements.

Gold Ore Crushing & Processing

Gold Ore Crushing & Processing Equipment:

1. Crushing process mainly used in the gold ore screening & crushing machinery: jaw crusher, cone crusher, gold sieve and so on.

2. Gold ore milling process mainly used in the gold ore grinding machine: ball mill.

3. Gold ore crushing & processing related equipment : According to the different grade of gold ore, the type of gold ore used in different methods of mineral processing, gold ore mineral processing machinery used in different. Including: hydrocyclones, flotation machines, spiral classifiers, mixing barrels, thickener and dryers. Gold ore grinding fineness requirements, gold ore flotation process pulp concentration requirements, flotation reagent dosage, the amount of inflatable, flotation time and so on need to be determined by experiments.

Gold Ore Crushing & Processing

Winner Group of Gold Ore Crushing & Processing with high efficiency, low energy consumption, high capacity, economic and reasonable advantages. According to the actual situation of customers supporting the design of equipment.


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