Dry Type Sand Making Line

Dry type sand making line process appears relatively late, it is in the traditional wet type sand production line on the basis of optimization and improvement. Compared to the wet type sand line, the removal of mud in the sand does not require water, get rid of environmental restrictions, reduce production costs, artificial sand grading better, more environmentally friendly, and not subject to water and environmental constraints, so called dry type sand production line.

sand making line

Dry type sand making line technological design: Stone from the vibration feeder evenly to the jaw crusher for coarse crushing, crushed material into the impact crusher for the secondary crushing. And then sent by the belt conveyor into the sand making machine, the output material through the vibrating screen for classification, meet the requirements of the material that is finished, through the sprinkler system into the finished product warehouse. The material which do not meet the particle size requirements will back to the sand making machine and vibrating screen, until the particle size requirements to achieve, to form an effective cycle. In the process of grading the dust generated, after the powder separator, and then into the pulse dust collector.


Dry type sand making line advantages:

(1) To protect the ecological environment along the construction.

(2) Sand quality is reliable.

(3) A large number of waste rock resources recycling.

(4) Reduce the project cost.

(5) To meet the timely and stable supply of the project.


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