Coal Preparation Process

Coal---"black gold" is one of the irreplaceable important energy sources in human production and life. All the industry from the establishment, development to maturity are inseparable from its support. So what is the coal preparation process?


Coal preparation process first step: mining

Mainly the use of large drill, boring machine, forklift and other equipment.


The second step in the coal preparation process: broken

Crusher often used of the PCH ring hammer crusher by Winner group production.

Its structure is simple, broken than large, fine discharge, the material size can be less than 30mm, high production efficiency, can broken the dry and wet material.


The third step in coal preparation process: screening

Screening is the most important step in the process of coal preparation, and it is also the hardest step, because the sticky wet coal is loose difficult, or adhere to the screen surface to plug the sieve, resulting the sieve efficiency is decreased. Winner group produced high amplitude probability vibrating screen is a major theoretical breakthrough in dry screening, it can sieve the greater the amount of processing and more sticky wet grain material .


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