10-60 TPD Municipal Solid Waste Sorting Machine

Material: food wastes, market wastes, yard wastes, plastic containers and product packaging materials, and other miscellaneous solid wastes from residential, commercial, institutional, and industrial sources.

Application: Waste transfer station, MSW landfill, Waste incineration plant etc.

Equipments: Package breaker, Linear screen, Sorting machine, Magnetic separator, Winnowing machine.


Introduction of Municipal Solid Waste:

Municipal solid waste (MSW), commonly known as trash or garbage, it is a waste type consisting of everyday items that are discarded by the public. The municipal solid waste mainly includes household domestic refuse, country fair and commercial waste, garbage in public places, street garbage, enterprise and public institution garbage and so on.

The municipal solid waste industry has four components: recycling, composting, land filling and waste-to-energy via incineration. Large areas occupied of landfill, low degree of harmlessness treatment of composting and high investment of incineration are the main disadvantages of the waste treatments now.

To solve this problem, our company put forward the municipal solid waste sorting system, which can classify the waste as waste residue, solid matters, plastics, organics and ironworks at a time.


Basic Process of Sorting Machine:

10-60 TPD Municipal Solid Waste Sorting Machine



Main Applications after Sorting:

Municipal solid waste can be divided into 4 categories in general: recyclable waste, kitchen waste, hazardous waste and other waste.

1.Recyclable waste includes paper, metal, plastic, glass and so on. It can reduce pollution and save resource by comprehensive sorting and recycling. For example, recycling 1 ton waste paper can remake 850 kg. paper, save 300 kg. wood and reduce 74% pollution than produce equal quantity paper. Recycling 1 ton plastic can acquire 0.7 ton secondary raw material.

2.Kitchen waste includes leftovers, bones, vegetable offal and other food waste. It can produce 0.3 ton organic fertilizer by biotechnology.

3.Hazardous waste includes used batteries, fluorescent tube, mercurial thermometer, outdated medicine and so on. This kind of waste need special processing.

4.Other waste includes tile, ceramic, toilet paper and other unrecyclable materials in addition to the above categories. This kind of waste should use the method of  sanitary landfill in order to reduce the pollution of water, soil and air.


Performance of MSW Sorting Machine:

1.The machine can realize package breaking and sorting at the same time.

2.Cover a small area, low energy consumption and less operation cost.

3.Simple installation, completely mechanical operation fully sealed, no secondary pollution.

4.High accuracy of sorting, relatively intact and clean waste after sorting.

5.Movable equipment, high adaptive capacity to jobsites.


Main technical parameters:






Power consumption(kw)


10 TPD






30 TPD






60 TPD





10-60 TPD Municipal Solid Waste Sorting Machine


10-60 TPD Municipal Solid Waste Sorting Machine


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