Municipal waste sorting station is a integrated machine, one-stop treatment equipment, which can sort out muck, iron products, glass, waste plastics, residues and organic matters at once, and the sorting efficiency is higher than 85%. Equipment using physical separation technology, sorting according to the various characteristics of waste materials. All kinds of waste materials can make the sorting out of the clean higher degree, less impurities, so that sorted out the waste can be fully utilized. The waste sorting technology has been changed in principle, and the problem of waste sorting has been solved.

Henan Winner Vibrating Equipment Co., Ltd.

Mobile Waste Sorting Plant Main Features:

1. The equipment is innovative type mobile waste sorting machine, it is movable, convenient transportation and applicable to all kinds of domestic waste concentrated production site.

2. It covers smaller area, low energy consumption and operating costs. Suitable for all kinds of small waste dumps, parks, communities, towns and so on.

3. Totally enclosed structure, low noise, easy installation and save manual cost.


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