1. Laminated Screening Machine Screen by the separator, feeder, screen frame, rubber spring, anti-wear polyester screen, electric vibrator, support, collection bucket and so on.

2. Laminated Screening Machine Screen is a unified vibration source to drive multi-layer screen box common vibration equipment.


Laminated vibration fine screen


3. Laminated Screening Machine Screen using independent screening system screen boxes stacked up and down the layout of scattered methods, the screen surface of each layer to complete the independent feeding, screening operations, the screening surface of each layer of material were collected from the discharge .

4. Feeding concentration: 25 -50% (according to the nature of the material to determine).


high-frequency vibration fine screen


5. Ambient temperature: no more than -20 ~ 40 ℃.

6. Excitation force: 0 - 3500 kg, adjustable.

7. Double vibrator configuration, linear vibration with the reconstruction of pulp patent technology, flow area screening materials, transmission speed, the maximum from the feed in screening fine materials.

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