1. Coal preparation screen is my company developed coal preparation screening equipment.

2. Using linear equal-thickness grading principle, unit combination, sub-section vibration, secondary damping, general motor drive or self vibration source group structure.

3. Coal preparation screen consists of sieve body, a damping spring, vibration damping device, secondary damping spring, motor and its bracket and other components.



1. Coal preparation screen is composed of multi-section screen core, section vibration, the overall arrangement in accordance with the principle of equal thickness screening for the different materials at the scene, each section of the screening core excitation angle and screen surface can be adjusted, to achieve the best combination of capacity and screening efficiency.

2. Sieve by two motors driven exciter do reverse self synchronous rotation, the screen body can produce linear motion.



1. Coal preparation screen is mainly used for metallurgical industry temperature below 150 ℃ cold sinter grading operations.

2. Coal preparation screen according to the work site conditions, the motor can be installed in the left and right.

3. According to the installation location of the motor and exciter, arthropod coal preparation screen can be divided into the upper vibration type or lower vibration type. Our company according to customer requirements, can design and manufacture of various specifications of arthropod coal preparation screen.


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