How to remove impurities from the surface of construction waste?

Author: Winner Group   Time: 2017-08-21

Waste construction rocks and bricks after crushing, cleaning and grading of the formation of recycled aggregate. Make full use of recycled aggregate concrete can effectively reduce the quantity of construction waste and reduce the pollution of construction waste to the natural environment. At the same time, the recycling of recycled aggregate can reduce the extraction of natural aggregate in construction projects and achieve the purpose of environmental protection.Winner Group developed the C&D Waste Recycling Plants can solve this problem.


 C&D Waste Recycling Plants


Different materials with different hardness and density, the use of gravel mill principle, the mechanical vortex from self-propelled, stir the material interaction, so that concrete as a medium, the brick as abrasive grinding each other to make the density, hardness, small brick from large to small by small power. WLM gravel mill can further enhance the quality of recycled concrete, while removing the impurities on the surface of recycled aggregate.


Principle of C&D Waste Recycling Plants: Material from the tail through the hopper into the gravel mill, stirring by the blades, then generate eddy currents,stripping of surface substances. The water system enters from the head position, because the equipment is tilted, the water will flow to the tail and discharged through the tail. The water flow and the material in full contact, and as a medium out of some impurities.At the same time, the material is cleaned.


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