Work Steps and Precautions of Test Sieve Machine

Author: Winner Group   Time: 2017-08-21

Test sieve machine, also known as standard test sieve, laboratory sieve, analysis sifter, mainly used for the precise detection, screening, filtration and other operations of the granular, powdery material particle size structure, liquid solid content and the amount of impurities in the laboratory. It has the advantages of reliable quality, compact design, easy to move, high precision screening, low noise, etc.

Work Steps and Precautions of Test Sieve Machine


Work steps and precautions:

1. Make sure the power and requirements are consistent and make sure to touch the ground.
2. The screen machine must be placed horizontally.
3. The vibration part of the test sieve machine can not be in contact with other objects.
4. Make sure that bolt locking of each component.
5. Select the appropriate standard screen frame for the characteristics of the target screening material, must be fixed by the groove or positioning screw.
6. Sieve frame according to the aperture from small to large, from the bottom to the order in turn stacked on the screen frame bottom base.
7. The height of the adjusting bar is adjusted according to the total height of the screen frame, and the standard sieve frame is positioned and compaction by a press plate and a lock nut, and the force on both sides of the screen frame is consistent.
8. According to the nature of the target material and the amount of processing, set the operating time on the timer, turn on the power, so that the test sieve machine could start to work.

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