Vibration motor protection measures

Author: Winner Group   Time: 2017-08-21

If the heat emitted by the motor can not be discharged in time, may directly cause the motor to be burned. How to solve the problem of heat emitted of motor is extremely important.


vibration motor


Common precautions:

1, The surface of the vibration motor needs to be cleaned regularly, try to avoid the accumulation of dust, so that it can be in its good conditions into the working state;

2, The vibration motor design process, The motor surface should be designed to be relatively smooth, so that dust is not easy to accumulate, if the working environment is  dust larger, we must remember to consider minus the surface of the motor shell cooling ribs, because the heat sink not only did not play a cooling effect, but also easy to make a lot of dust accumulation, hinder the motor cooling.


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