Safety requirements for the use of vibrating screens

Author: Winner Group   Time: 2017-08-21

Safety is no small matter, the safety of the use of more relevant to the user's production schedule, WINNER Group as screening equipment R & D and manufacturing, and share the safety requirements of the use of shaker:

1. All guards should be put back in place before starting up, and all personnel should be in a safe place.

2. After all the boards are installed, they can be turned on. Do not stand on the vibrating part while the screen is running.

3. The drive motor should be insulated before it is started.

4. Insulation of equipment: The screen must be insulated before the guard is removed or any other work is started.

5. Electrical installation should be done by experienced personnel.

6. Vibrating screen, such as the lower vibrating screen, the lower part of the screen has been installed with protective devices in the shaker during the test drive must be in the direction of the end of the drive to put isolation device, so that the operator and vibration source isolation.

7. Vibrating screen In the course of work, is strictly prohibited to open the central transmission protection network and the end of transmission protection network.

8. Vibrating screen in the course of work, open the sieve of the observation hole, there must be protective measures to avoid the material spilled, hurt the eyes.

9. Vibrating screen During operation, do not touch the sealing skin, be careful to pinch your fingers.

10. Sieve on both sides of the elastic spring should be synchronized, otherwise the screen will be uneven vibration, so that screening efficiency. If abnormal vibration shape, you should immediately stop maintenance.

11. Repair the exciter should be half an hour after parking, until the temperature dropped to ambient temperature after the repair.


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