How to maintain your vibrating screen?

Author: Winner Group   Time: 2017-08-21

Long-term use of the shaker, there may be wear and tear, parts damage and other issues, regular maintenance work is essential. The following Winner shaker manufacturers tell you about the shaker maintenance and maintenance skills.


1. Normal operation, we should keep the bearing temperature does not exceed 75 degrees Celsius. In addition, the new exciter after 8h of work, the temperature was in a stable state. If after a period of waiting, the temperature is still high, should be stopped to check the oil level and oil level and cleanliness.


2. When the conveyor belt is replaced, the motor anchor bolts should be completely released. Doing so makes it easier to install, adjust the tension for the first time, wait 48 hours, and then re-adjust.


3. Shaker and shaker screen box connected bolts must be high-strength bolts, prohibit the use of ordinary bolts to replace, while regular fastening inspection is also very necessary.


4. On the vibration of the demolition, in order to reduce the man-made damage to parts and components, we should step by step slowly demolition, removed parts need to gradually clean, careful inspection, such as damage should be promptly repaired or replaced. If you can't solve the problem, should contact the shaker manufacturers to help deal with the professional operators.


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