The visit of Russian customer for municipal waste sorting machine

In recent years, Winner Group has responded to the call of the country, constantly reformed and innovated, and revolved around the four major technological directions of high-efficiency, energy-saving, environmental friendly and intelligence to vigorously promote industrial transformation and upgrading and develop a recycling economy. 


 municipal solid waste sorting machine


Winner Group has now developed into a core technology owner, a number of technology integration companies, and a complete set of recycling technology for recycling construction waste, municipal solid waste sorting machine, sewage sludge comprehensive treatment, waste power lithium battery recycling, and soil remediation.

Our customers are from Russia and are very interested in our municipal solid waste sorting machine.

1) Used in domestic garbage transfer station, can reduce the amount of waste transport, reduce transportation costs, improve the utilization of renewable resources.

2) Used in domestic waste landfill, can reduce the amount of landfill, improve the service life of landfill.

3) Used in domestic waste incineration plant, can reduce the amount of harmful waste incineration.


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